7 day 拋棄式 電郵信箱-10 Minute Email

7 day 拋棄式 電郵信箱 臨時信箱

10 Minute EMail

10分鐘~7 day mail~30天電郵

10 Minute To 30 Days 臨時信箱

拋棄式 7天臨時電郵

Not only 10 minutes

7 day mail or 10 Minute~ 30 day Mail:
Temporary disposable e-mail service to beat spam

免費快速啟用 拋棄式 電子郵件

10分鐘~30天免費臨時電郵帳號暫時信箱 SPAMBOX

拋棄式 電郵信箱不只10分鐘,7天臨時電郵依需求選擇您適合的使用期間


7 day mail 提供繁體中文介面。

7 day Mail - temporary email addresses
There are a number of similar services out there, but 10 Minute Mail appears to be amongst the most simple (which is a good thing). Simply visit the site and click the provided link, and you're given an email address that is valid for the next 10 minutes. Use that temporary email address to register at those pesky sites that want you to give up your email address privacy for ever and ever in exchange for testing out their service. As you receive replies to the address, such as registration links or whatever, you are able to actually interact and reply yourself using the site, but only for the given 10 minutes. If you think you're running out of time, there's a link to get an extra 10 minutes and 1 day or 30 days. This is useful for those sites that take their time getting your registration link to you.
10 minutes or 7 day mail ~ 30 day Email
無須註冊,點選 Get my 7 day Mail e-mail address 即可啟用一個專屬電子信箱地址(Address), Your e-mail address will expire in 10 minutes or 7 day to 30 day mail


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